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molybdenum boat

Molybdenum Boat

Molybdenum boats are small, boat-shaped containers made of pure molybdenum or molybdenum alloys, usually used for high-temperature applications such as vacuum evaporation of materials. Due to its high melting point, excellent corrosion resistance, and strength at high temperatures, molybdenum is an ideal material for such applications. Molybdenum boats are available in various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses, designed to meet specific customer requirements in different industries.

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Operating Principle of Molybdenum Boat

The operating principle of molybdenum boats is simple and straightforward. They are boat-shaped containers made of molybdenum that are used for high-temperature applications, typically in vacuum evaporation and sputtering processes. The molybdenum boat acts as a holder or source for the material to be evaporated or sputtered, which is heated to a high temperature causing it to evaporate from the surface of the boat. Due to its high melting point, molybdenum boats are able to withstand the high temperatures required for the evaporation process. The evaporated material condenses on a substrate, forming a thin film or coating. Molybdenum boats are designed to limit thermal gradients and ensure uniform evaporation of the material. The precise shape and dimensions of the molybdenum boat play a vital role in the uniformity and efficiency of the evaporation process.

Molybdenum boat includes the following types:

1. Flat groove molybdenum boat: Suitable for high wettability materials;

2. V-groove molybdenum boat: Suitable for low wettability materials;

3. Elliptical groove molybdenum boat: Suitable for molten materials;

4. Spherical groove molybdenum boat: Suitable for expensive materials such as gold and silver;

5. Narrow groove molybdenum boat: Such design can prevent evaporation materials from sticking to filament clips;

6. Aluminum-plating boat: Plating alumina on the surface of the boat body helps the evaporation boat resist the strongly corrosive molten materials.

What Are the Advantages of Using Molybdenum Boats for Evaporation?

Molybdenum boats provide several advantages when used for evaporation in high-temperature environments. 

  • Molybdenum has a very high melting point of around 2623°C, allowing it to withstand extremely high temperatures without melting or degrading. This makes molybdenum boats ideal for use in vacuum evaporation and sputtering, where high-temperature conditions are necessary for the material to evaporate.

  • Molybdenum has excellent thermal conductivity, which ensures uniform heating of the evaporant, leading to uniform evaporation and better quality thin films.

  • Molybdenum has low thermal expansion, ensuring that the boat doesn't deform or crack under thermal stress. 

  • Molybdenum boasts excellent corrosion resistance and purity, making it ideal for use in high-purity semiconductor applications where purity and uniformity are critical. 

Overall, the unique properties of molybdenum, including its high melting point, excellent thermal conductivity, and high corrosion resistance, make it the ideal material for use in evaporation and sputtering, especially in high-temperature and corrosive environments.