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tungsten wire

Tungsten Wire

Doped Tungsten Wire, also known as Non-sag Tungsten Wire or 218 Tungsten Wire, is a type of tungsten wire used as a luminous material in light bulbs. During the smelting process, it is doped with small amounts of potassium, silicon, and aluminum oxides. Apart from this, tungsten wire is also produced through wire drawing techniques for use in the manufacture of filaments, high-speed cutting alloy steel, and various other applications including optical and chemical instruments.

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Operating Principle of Tungsten Wire

The operating principle of tungsten wire varies depending on its application. In the case of tungsten filament wire in light bulbs, when an electric current flows through the wire, it heats up and emits light, producing the desired illumination. This process is known as incandescence and requires the wire to reach a high temperature, often in excess of 2000°C, which is facilitated by the high melting point of tungsten. Tungsten wire is also commonly used in heating elements for high-temperature applications, as its electrical resistance causes it to heat up when a current flows through it. In this application, the tungsten wire is designed as a coil or loop, which allows for high surface area contact and efficient heat transfer. Additionally, tungsten wire is used in other applications such as in welding, cutting, and etching, where it operates based on its high melting point, durability, and conductivity properties.

Material Number and Application of Tungsten Wire

WB001: Suitable for standard incandescent lamps, double- or triple-helix fluorescent lamps, festival lamps, bracket wire, etc., it has good winding performance and does not sag.

WB150: Suitable for double-helix incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, and other high-temperature lighting applications; outstanding processing performance.

WB584: Excellent high-temperature anti-sag performance, high recrystallization temperature, appropriate for shock-resistant filament, high color temperature filament, etc.