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AD108 High-efficiency Copper Extractant

AD108 is a high-efficiency copper extractant. It is a chemical compound specifically designed for the extraction and separation of copper ions from aqueous solutions. AD108 demonstrates excellent copper-selective extraction properties, allowing for efficient and economical recovery of copper from various sources such as ores, leach solutions, and industrial waste streams. Its high efficiency ensures a high degree of copper extraction, resulting in increased process productivity and reduced environmental impact. AD108 is widely used in the mining, metallurgical, and recycling industries for copper recovery and purification processes.

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Introduction of AD108 High-efficiency Copper Extractant

Properties: This product is light amber liquid.

Packing: 200 kg/plastic barrel.

Storage: Handled with care during transportation to prevent impact. Stored in a cool, ventilated and dry warehouse, ensuring waterproof and rainproof.

Precautions: This product should not be in direct contact with strong acid and alkali.

Application of AD108 High-efficiency Copper Extractant


 AD108 is commonly used to extract copper from alkaline leaching solutions coming from the process flow of printed circuit boards, copper scrap, copper alloys, copper/lead scum and some copper sulfide concentrates.


Due to the low viscosity of AD108, the load of 35% (V/V) organic phase can reach 35 g/LCu, which allows the use of a smaller solution extraction system than that with oxime extractant.


Stripping with low acid and high copper solution can be performed in organic phase of load, which can meet the different needs of operators to recover copper from copper-rich stripping solution.


AD108 can be employed in the treatment of industrial waste streams containing copper.  It enables the selective extraction of copper ions, reducing the environmental impact by minimizing copper discharge into the environment.

Specifications of AD108 High-efficiency Copper Extractant

Physical Parameters

Density (20℃) g/mL


Viscosity (cp) 25℃ mm2/s


Flash Point (open cup method) ℃


Viscosity of Copper Complex g/LCu


Characteristic Parameters


Quality Index

Maximum Copper Load


Extraction Kinetics


Extraction Phase Separation

The isothermal point of 120 sec stripping ≤ 0.10 g/LCu

Stripping Kinetics


Stripping Phase Separation


FAQS about AD108

 Is AD108 Safe to Handle?

A: AD108 should be handled with proper safety precautions, following guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Safety data sheets and relevant safety information should be consulted for specific handling, storage, and disposal guidelines.

Can AD108 Be Used for Other Metal Extractions Apart from Copper?

A: AD108 is specifically designed for copper extraction and may not exhibit the same level of efficiency or selectivity for other metals. However, there are other extractants available for extracting different metals from aqueous solutions.

How Is Ad108 Typically Used in Copper Extraction Processes?

A: AD108 is usually added to the aqueous solution containing copper ions. It selectively binds with copper, forming a complex that can be separated from the solution. The copper can then be further processed and purified.