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Air-cooled Heat Exchanger

Air-cooled heat exchanger, also known as an air-cooler, is a device used to transfer heat between fluids, such as air and water or air and oil. It works by allowing air to flow over a series of metal tubes containing a liquid or gas, which transfers heat to the air. The warmed air is then released back into the environment, allowing for effective temperature regulation. These types of heat exchangers are commonly used in industrial and power generation applications.

Longhua can provide tailor-made Air Cooled Heat Exchangers designed to suit specific applications and the characteristics of the working fluids.

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Operating Principle Of Air-cooled Heat Exchanger

Air-cooled heat exchangers are widely used in power generation, chemical processing, and oil and gas industries to remove heat from industrial processes. The operating principle of an air-cooled heat exchanger is based on natural convection whereby a fluid circulating through a series of metal tubes is cooled by air flowing over the tubes, thereby transferring the heat from the fluid to the air.

  • Air Cooler Structure Type

Horizontal Forced-draught Air Cooling

Horizontal Forced-draught Air Cooling

The tube bundle is located on the exhaust side of the fan, which facilitates maintenance and overhaul, while making fan motor always in a cool air environment. It is suitable for the system with high temperature of process medium, and can effectively prolong the service life of equipment.

Horizontal Induced-draft Air Cooling

Horizontal Induced-draft Air Cooling

The tube bundle is located at the suction side of the fan. Because the air duct has a good effect of blocking sunlight, wind, rain and snow on the heat exchange fins, the induced-draft air cooler has a stable heat exchange performance. Besides, it has the characteristics of uniform distribution, less thermal cycle, less pollution and low noise.

  • Finned Tube Structure Type

Finned tube is the heat exchange element of air cooler, and its structure type directly determines the performance of the whole heat exchanger. In addition, the connection mode between fins and base tube also has great influence on heat transfer. Fins used for steel tube, aluminum tube or stainless steel tube are mainly made out of aluminum sheet, steel sheet or hot dip galvanized steel sheet.

Finned Tube Structure Type

Find Tube Header Structural Type

Features Of Air-cooled Heat Exchanger


High heat transfer rate: An air-cooled heat exchanger has a high heat transfer coefficient due to the fins attached to the tubes, which increase the surface area and allow for efficient heat transfer from the fluid to the air.


Low maintenance: Unlike water-cooled heat exchangers, air-cooled heat exchangers do not have complex plumbing systems or require water treatment, thus reducing the need for frequent maintenance.


Suitable for remote locations: Air-cooled heat exchangers do not require a constant supply of water and can be used in remote locations without access to water sources, making them ideal for use in industries such as oil and gas where operations are often located far from established infrastructure.

Advantages Of Air-cooled Heat Exchanger

  • Low water consumption: Since air-cooled heat exchangers do not require cooling water, they have minimal water consumption and do not generate wastewater or effluent.

  • Low maintenance: Air-cooled heat exchangers require less maintenance than water-cooled heat exchangers as they do not have complex plumbing systems or require water treatment, reducing maintenance costs and increasing reliability.

  • Lower capital cost: Compared to water-cooled heat exchangers, air-cooled heat exchangers require a lower capital expenditure, making them an attractive option for industries looking for cost-effective heat exchange solutions.

  • Flexibility: Air-cooled heat exchangers can be installed in a variety of locations as they do not require a constant supply of water and therefore can be used in remote locations.

  • Safety: Air-cooled heat exchangers eliminate the risk of water leaks and spills, which can cause slip hazards and create safety risks.

  • Environmentally friendly: Air-cooled heat exchangers do not consume water or generate wastewater, making them more environmentally friendly than water-cooled heat exchangers.

Longhua's Robust Manufacturing Capability

Longhua has erected expansive, internationally standardized interconnected workshops, complete with an array of lifting equipment, notably featuring a 100-ton double-beam overhead crane. Within these facilities, a diverse range of large-scale production lines is at work, including those dedicated to brazing furnaces, large flat tube production, pipe automatic welding, square pipe automatic welding, and paint drying, all complemented by specialized support facilities. With an inventory exceeding 900 sets of advanced processing equipment, Longhua has made substantial investments, nearing a hundred million yuan, to procure an assortment of CNC machinery. This equipment includes plasma cutting machines, CNC gantry processing centers, CNC hydraulic press brakes, large three-roll plate bending machines, CNC inner and outer circumferential seam welding centers, tube plate welding machines, Lincoln welding machines, and various other domestic and international processing tools. This substantial investment is a testament to our commitment to boosting production efficiency and ensuring product quality.

CNC Flame/Plasma Triple Torch Cutting Machine


CNC Gantry Milling


Inside Corner Welding Machine


Outer Corner Welding Machine


CNC Machining Center


End Plate Welding Machine


Pipe Enclosure Production Line


Press Machine


Choose Longhua As Your Industrial Air-cooled Heat Exchanger Partner


Proven Legacy of Expertise:  Longhua Technology Group's journey in energy conservation and environmental protection began in 1995, and it has evolved into a prominent player in the field. With over 27 years of dedication, Longhua has demonstrated a strong legacy of expertise and innovation.


Cutting-Edge Technology: As the birthplace of China's first high-efficiency composite evaporative cooling equipment, Longhua stands at the forefront of technology in the field of heat exchange equipment.


Innovation and Research: With a cutting-edge research and development team comprising over 200 experts, including doctoral advisors, professor-level senior engineers, and senior engineers, Longhua is dedicated to R&D and innovation in energy-efficient and environmentally friendly equipment.


State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Longhua's investment in advanced processing equipment and large, internationally standardized interconnected workshops guarantees both efficiency and product quality. Specialized lifting equipment and a range of production lines are at your service.


Extensive Equipment Portfolio: With more than 900 sets of advanced processing equipment, Longhua has made significant investments, nearing a hundred million yuan, to acquire a range of CNC machinery, enhancing production efficiency.


Proven Energy Savings: Longhua's independently developed composite evaporative condensing cooler technology is consistently recognized for its energy-saving capabilities, including water savings of over 50% and energy savings exceeding 60% in various industrial sectors.

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