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l type finned tubes

L-Type Finned Tubes

L-type finned tubes are easy to manufacture and cheap, and are used in large numbers in petrochemical air coolers. However, since the aluminum fins are fastened to the surface of the steel tube by the initial stress of winding, the operating temperature is low, generally 120-160℃, and the maximum operating temperature of L-type finned tubes is 150℃ as stipulated in the national standard GB/T 15386-94 for air coolers. When the tube wall temperature exceeds 70℃, the fin tension is greatly reduced, the fins start to loosen, the contact thermal resistance increases, and the performance is not good. Therefore, L type winding tube is suitable for the situation of smooth working conditions and no sudden change in temperature, and should not be used for the situation of great vibration. It is poorly resistant to atmospheric corrosion and has a very short service life in wet air cooling.

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Introduction of L-Type Finned Tubes

L-Type finned tubes are one of specific types of finned tubes that feature a unique L-shaped fin design.  The fins are attached to the outer surface of the tube, forming a series of continuous L-shaped profiles along the length of the tube.

The L-Type finned tubes find application in various industries, including power generation systems, petrochemical systems, and industrial air cooled heat exchangers.  They are commonly used in heat exchangers, air coolers, and condensers, where efficient heat transfer is essential.

The specific design and dimensions of L-Type finned tubes can vary based on the requirements of the application.  Factors such as the fluid characteristics, operating temperature, and pressure conditions influence the selection of materials, fin geometry, and fin spacing to optimize heat transfer performance.

Overall, L-Type finned tubes provide an effective solution for maximizing heat transfer efficiency in various thermal management applications.  Their unique fin design enhances surface area and heat exchange capabilities, contributing to improved system performance and energy efficiency.

Properties of L-type Fin Tube

Manufacturing ProcessWrap Around the Base Tube with various iterations of the Fin Base
Fin To Tube BondModerate
Heat Transfer EfficiencyModerate
Mechanical ResistanceModerate
Corrosion ProtectionGood
Temperature RangeUp to Maximum 175°C

Why L-Type Finned tubes?


The primary purpose of L-Type finned tubes is to enhance heat transfer efficiency. The L-shaped fin design increases the surface area of the tube, improving heat dissipation or heat absorption in applications that require high heat transfer rates.


 L-Type finned tubes offer improved heat transfer performance due to their increased surface area. This leads to enhanced heat dissipation or absorption, resulting in improved system efficiency and energy savings.


L-Type finned tubes can be designed to be compatible with various fluids, depending on the selected materials. Different materials such as copper, aluminum, or stainless steel can be used to ensure compatibility with specific fluids and operating conditions.


By enhancing heat transfer efficiency, L-Type finned tubes contribute to improved system performance. They help to maintain optimal temperature levels, enhance overall heat exchange capabilities, and increase energy efficiency.