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kl type finned tube

KL Type Finned Tube

KL type finned tube is an L-shaped winding tube. The surface of the tube is rolled first during manufacturing, and then rolled once on top of the L-foot simultaneously when winding the tube, so that part of the L-foot area is embedded in the surface of the tube. This increases the contact area between the fins and the tube surface by 50%, which means that the heat flux per unit area is also reduced by 50%, so that the heat stress at the root of the fins is very small, and even after several thousand thermal cycles, the contact area remains larger than the area of the L foot itself. The fins have a large contact area with the tube, fit tightly and securely, and can keep its performance unchanged for a long time. The bonding force between the fins and the steel tube and the ability to withstand cold and hot rapid changes are better than L-type and LL-type finned tubes. The national standard GB/T 15386-94 of air cooler stipulates that the maximum use temperature of KL-type finned tube is 250℃.

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Introduction of KL Type Finned Tube

The KL Fin Tube, also known as the "Knurled L" Foot Fin Tube, is the latest and most commonly used type of wrap-around Fin Tube. KL Type finned tubes are a specific type of finned tubes that feature a unique KL-shaped fin design. The fins are attached to the outer surface of the tube, forming continuous KL-shaped profiles along its length.

KL Type finned tubes find applications in various industries, including power generation, petrochemical, and HVAC systems. They are commonly used in heat exchangers, air coolers, and condensers, where optimal heat transfer is critical.

Currently, it is one of the most popular and preferred choices in the industry. This particular type of Fin Tube is manufactured using a process similar to that of the 'L' Fin Tube. However, in this case, the Tube is knurled, creating a textured surface, and simultaneously, the 'L' base of the fin stock is also knurled. This knurling process ensures a firm bond and significantly improves the contact between the Fin and the Tube.

Why KL Type Finned Tube?


KL type finned tubes offer several advantages in terms of heat transfer performance. The KL-shaped fins significantly increase the surface area of the tube, enhancing heat transfer efficiency. This design is particularly beneficial in applications that require efficient heat dissipation or absorption.


The manufacturing process of KL type finned tubes is similar to that of other finned tubes. The fins are attached to the outer surface of the tube, forming the distinctive KL-shaped profiles. The specific dimensions and arrangements of the KL-shaped fins may vary based on the application requirements.


KL type finned tubes offer improved heat transfer performance due to their increased surface area. This leads to enhanced heat dissipation or absorption, resulting in improved system efficiency and energy savings.