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ll type finned tube

LL Type Finned Tube

LL type finned tube is also a kind of winding tube, whose fin roots overlap each other and have good contact with the tube wall, ensuring complete coverage of the tube wall and preventing corrosion of the outer surface of the tube by the atmosphere, and the operating temperature is higher than L type. The maximum operating temperature of LL type finned tube is 170℃ as stipulated in GB/T 15386-94, the national standard of air cooler. LL type finned tube is suitable for the situation of smooth working conditions and no sudden change in temperature, it protects the inner tube better and has better atmospheric corrosion resistance than L type, and is suitable for wet air cooling. The heat transfer performance is also better than L type, and its price is more expensive than L type.

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Why LL-Type Finned Tube?

The 'LL' Fin Tube is an advanced version of both the wrap-around Fin Tube and the 'L' Fin Tube. The manufacturing process is similar to that of the 'L' Fin Tube. However, the notable improvement is that the 'L' foot of each fin is completely overlapped by the 'L' foot of the adjacent fin. As a result, the Fin base acquires a shape with two 'L' feet overlapping simultaneously. This design enhancement offers outstanding corrosion resistance properties, making it highly effective in challenging environments.

Introduction of LL-Type Finned Tubes

LL-Type finned tubes are one of specific finned tube types that feature a unique LL-shaped fin design. In this configuration, the fins are shaped like the letter "L" and overlap each other along the length of the tube.

Overlapped L finned tubes find application in various industries, including power generation, petrochemical, and HVAC systems.  They are commonly used in heat exchangers, air coolers, and condensers, where optimal heat transfer is critical.

The specific dimensions and arrangements of the overlapped L fins can vary depending on the application requirements.  Factors such as fluid characteristics, operating temperature, and pressure conditions influence the selection of materials, fin geometry, and fin spacing to maximize heat transfer performance.

Overall, overlapped L finned tubes provide an effective solution for improving heat transfer efficiency in thermal management applications.  The overlapping fin design increases the available surface area, leading to enhanced heat exchange capabilities, improved system performance, and energy efficiency.