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g type finned tube

G-Type Finned Tube

The aluminum fins are embedded in a spiral groove about 0.25~0.5mm deep on the surface of the steel pipe, while the metal extruded from the spiral groove is rolled back to the fin root.

The biggest advantage of this kind of finned tube is that it has good thermal performance, the working temperature can reach 350~400℃, and the fin temperature can reach 260℃, and the maximum use temperature of G type finned tube is 350℃ as stipulated in GB/T 15386-94, the national standard of air cooler.

The disadvantage is that the fins and tubes of the two metals in the atmosphere are prone to electrochemical corrosion, poor corrosion resistance and high cost. The tube wall has stress concentration and cannot be used for medium and high pressure applications. If the pressure is not squeezed well (the edge of the spiral groove is not close to the aluminum sheet), its heat transfer performance is worse than any finned tube.

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G Type Finned Tubes Introduction

G-Type finned tubes, also known as grooved finned tubes or embedded-fin tubes, are one of finned tube types where the "G" stands for grooved. These tubes are formed by twisting a fin strip, typically made of copper or aluminium, into a machined groove on the outer surface of the tube. The fin strip is then back-filled to securely lock it in place, ensuring a tight fit. The base tube material is completely surrounded and filled by the fins.

The specific materials, dimensions, and groove designs of G finned tubes can vary depending on the application requirements and operating conditions. Factors such as fluid characteristics, operating temperature, and pressure influence the selection of materials to ensure optimal heat transfer performance.

In summary, G-Type finned tubes are a robust and effective solution for high-temperature heat transfer applications. Their grooved design and secure locking mechanism provide strength and durability, enabling efficient heat exchange and contributing to overall system performance.

Why G-type Finned Tube?

Grooved finned tubes offer several advantages. The grooved design significantly increases the surface area of the tube, enhancing heat transfer efficiency. They provide excellent strength and durability, making them suitable for applications requiring high-temperature heat transfer. The tight fit of the fins ensures efficient heat dissipation or absorption.

Grooved finned tubes are typically made of materials like copper or aluminium. The selection of the material depends on factors such as the application requirements, operating temperature, and compatibility with the working fluid.

The grooved design of the fins increases the surface area of the tube, allowing for better heat transfer. This enhanced surface area facilitates efficient heat dissipation or absorption, leading to improved overall heat transfer performance.