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Tungsten Crucible

Tungsten crucible is a container made of tungsten metal that is used for melting, casting, and holding high-temperature metals and alloys. Tungsten crucibles are known for their high melting point, high density, and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. Pure tungsten crucibles are commonly used in the aerospace, furnace construction, and semiconductor industries due to their excellent resistance to high temperatures, thermal shock, and chemical corrosion. 

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Tungsten Crucible Products Specification

Tungsten crucibles are made using pure tungsten plate, sheet or rod, utilizing corresponding processing techniques. These high temperature tungsten crucibles can be utilized in vacuum inert gas environments, with temperature limits reaching 2600°C. Tungsten boasts high melting and boiling points, exceptional high-temperature strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and thermal conductivity, coupled with a small thermal expansion coefficient and good hardenability. These attributes enable tungsten crucibles to find applications in businesses such as rare earth smelting, quartz glass, crystal growth, and electronic spraying.

Tungsten Crucible For Sale Physical And Chemical Properties:

ProductTungsten Crucible

W ≥ 99. 95%;


≥ 18.5 g/cm3;

Working temperature


Tungsten Crucibles Applications

Pure tungsten crucibles from tungsten crucibles suppliers find applications in various industries, including:

  • Rare-earth smelting: Tungsten crucibles are commonly used in the smelting and purification of rare-earth metals due to their high melting point and chemical inertness.

  • Quartz glass production: Tungsten crucibles are used in the production of high-quality quartz glass, which is used in optics, electronics, and semiconductor manufacturing.

  • Crystal growth: Tungsten crucibles are used in the growth of sapphire, silicon carbide, and other crystal materials.

  • Aerospace industry: Tungsten crucibles are used in the production of aerospace components due to their resistance to high temperatures and mechanical stress.

  • Furnace construction: Tungsten crucibles are used in high-temperature furnace construction, where they are used to hold or melt metals and alloys.

  • Electronics industry: Tungsten crucibles are used in the electronics industry for vacuum deposition processes such as sputtering and electron beam evaporation.

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