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Cooling Water Circulator

Cooling Water Circulator

Lhkjglobal of Circulating Water Devices

As an important subsystem in the normal operation of industry, "circulating water" plays a key role in the sustainable, efficient and economic operation of industrial production.

Industrial water consumption accounts for about 20% of the total water consumption in China, and most of the total industrial water consumption is for industrial cooling water. Therefore, the progress of industrial water cooling technology directly determines environmental, safe and efficient performance of national economy, in which the core device of its cooling system is closed cooling tower.

Classification of circulating water cooling technology: closed cooling tower (countercurrent type, francis turbine type), air-cooled heat exchanger (induced-draft type, forced-draught type), composite closed cooling tower, intelligent water-saving closed cooling tower.

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Why Choose Longhua as Your Cooling Water Circulator Partner

  • Legacy of Excellence: With a journey in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection dating back to 1995, Longhua Technology Group boasts a rich legacy of expertise and innovation. 

  • Pioneering High-Efficiency Technology: Longhua's legacy includes being the birthplace of China's first high-efficiency composite evaporative cooling equipment. This pioneering spirit and commitment to cutting-edge technology make Longhua a leader in the field.

  • Comprehensive Solutions: Longhua is not just a provider of cooling water circulators; we offer comprehensive cooling and thermal energy utilization solutions. When you choose Longhua, you gain access to a partner capable of addressing your unique and specific requirements.

  • Research and Development Prowess: Longhua's investment in research and development is evident in its cutting-edge team of over 200 experts, including doctoral advisors, professor-level senior engineers, and senior engineers. Our commitment to R&D and innovation ensures that Longhua's cooling water circulators incorporate the latest advancements in energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

  • Exceptional Track Record: Longhua's independently developed highly efficient composite evaporative condensing cooler technology has consistently been recognized and included in key energy-saving and low-carbon technology promotion catalogs. This technology is a testament to Longhua's ability to deliver state-of-the-art solutions.

  • Proven Savings: Longhua's research and development efforts have resulted in significant water savings of over 50% and energy savings of over 60% in various industrial sectors. These cost-effective solutions not only reduce operating expenses but also enhance sustainability efforts.

  • Technological Infrastructure: The company's substantial investments in advanced processing equipment and internationally standardized workshops ensure that it can meet the most demanding needs. The presence of specialized lifting equipment, production lines, and CNC machinery guarantees quality and efficiency.

Longhua's Strong Production Capacity

Longhua has constructed large, internationally standardized interconnected workshops with various lifting equipment, including a 100-ton double-beam overhead crane. These facilities are equipped with a range of large-scale production lines, such as brazing furnace production lines, large flat tube production lines, pipe automatic welding production lines, square pipe automatic welding production lines, and paint drying production lines, along with specialized support facilities. With more than 900 sets of advanced processing equipment, Longhua has made significant investments, nearing a hundred million yuan, to acquire a range of CNC equipment, including plasma cutting machines, CNC gantry processing centers, CNC hydraulic press brakes, large three-roll plate bending machines, CNC inner and outer circumferential seam welding centers, tube plate welding machines, Lincoln welding machines, and other domestic and international processing equipment. This substantial investment effectively enhances production efficiency and ensures product quality.

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