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Zhao Heng Technology Under Longhua Technology Group Participates in the Second Shenzhen Composite Materials Exhibition

05-05, 2024 /in Company News /by Longhua

The 2nd Shenzhen Composite Materials Exhibition of 2024 was held from March 27th to 29th at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, where Zhao Heng Technology, a subsidiary of the Longhua Technology Group, participated in booth 109 of Hall 7.

Hunan Zhao Heng Material Technology Co., Ltd., under the Longhua Technology Group, was established in 2011, now located at 601 Fumin Second Road, Wangcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, Changsha, Hunan. Its main products, polymethyl methacrylimide (PMI) foam and PMI composites, have obtained 18 national invention patents and 7 utility model patents. They have been fully affirmed by the main factories of the aviation, aerospace, and electronic military industry groups, representing an advanced brand in the domestic industry.


Zhao Heng Technology has successively passed or obtained titles such as National Specialized and New "Little Giant" Enterprise, National High-Tech Enterprise, Hunan Provincial Single Champion Product Enterprise, Hunan New Material Enterprise, Changsha Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise, Municipal Enterprise Technology Center, ISO9001 Quality System Certification. It has supplied in batches for CAIC (Aviation Industry Corporation of China), aerospace units, and other units, helicopters, drones, launching devices, radar covers, cutting-edge equipment, successfully substituting imports and realizing the localization of PMI foam.


Zhao Heng's PMI foam is a type of rigid closed-cell foam material, available in white (Zihacell®) or light yellow (Zihafoam®), characterized by being lightweight, high strength, environmentally friendly, high-temperature resistant, low dielectric, easy to process, fatigue resistant, easy to bond, and having a high closed-cell ratio. Suitable for high-temperature molding or vacuum hot press tank co-curing forming process, used as the core material of composite material sandwich structure, it can simplify the process, shorten the cycle, solve problems faced by honeycomb core materials such as coarse cells, easy moisture absorption, easy delamination, and solve traditional foam core materials' problems of low strength, low modulus, and poor heat resistance, enhancing the life reliability of composite material sandwich structural parts.


Zhao Heng PMI foam has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, military radar, maglev trains, high-speed ships, automotive manufacturing, sports equipment, medical devices, audio products, and other fields.