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Effective Maintenance Techniques For Industrial Evaporative Cooling System

04-21, 2024 /in Blog /by Longhua

As an important piece of modern industrial refrigeration equipment, the stable operation of an industrial evaporative cooling system is vital to ensuring the comfort and efficiency of the production environment. However, long-term operation of the equipment is often accompanied by wear and tear and aging, so proper maintenance techniques are key to ensuring its long-lasting, efficient operation.

Removal of Odors from Industrial Evaporative Cooling Systems

If the industrial evaporative cooling system has been operating for a long time, and if it has not been cleaned and maintained properly, it may cause the emitted cold air to have a bad odor. At this point, it's sufficient to clean the filter and the water tank. If a bad smell persists, you can open the case and add some chlorine disinfectant to the tank, ensuring the disinfectant thoroughly soaks the filter and reaches all corners of the industrial evaporative cooling system. This process can be repeated several times to effectively eliminate odors from the system.

Cleaning the Evaporative Filter

Remove the evaporative filter and rinse it with high-pressure water to clean it. If the filter has substances that are difficult to rinse off, first use high-pressure water to rinse both the evaporative filter and the tank, and then apply air conditioning cleaner to the filter. After the cleaning solution has fully saturated the filter for 10 minutes, rinse it with high-pressure water until the impurities on the filter are removed.

Maintenance Before Initial Operation

If the industrial evaporative cooling system has not been used during the winter, or if the newly installed system is being used for the first time, perform simple maintenance before turning it on. Remove the filter, open the water valve, and check whether the water inlet from the float valve is clear. Adjust the water depth in the tank and replace the filter holder. Then, turn on the industrial evaporative cooling system for a while and check that the filter screen is evenly wetted.

Winter Maintenance

If your industrial evaporative cooling system will not be in use during the winter, simple maintenance work is required. First, shut off the water supply valve and remove the filter while draining the water from the tank to clean the tank thoroughly. After cleaning, replace the filter. Run the industrial evaporative cooling system to blow air for 5-8 minutes, until the filter is dry, then turn off the main power. If possible, you can put a protective cover on the industrial evaporative cooling system to prevent foreign objects from getting into the evaporative filter.

To summarize, the maintenance skills for industrial evaporative cooling systems involve various aspects. We need to observe carefully and address issues in a timely manner in daily use. Only by properly maintaining the system can we ensure its efficient and stable operation, providing reliable refrigeration protection for industrial production.