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Master the Principles and Operations of Industrial Evaporative Cooling System

04-30, 2024 /in Blog /by Longhua

Industrial evaporative cooling system is a kind of evaporative cooling and ventilation equipment, which integrates temperature reduction, air exchange, dust control, and odor removal. It can reduce the temperature and bring fresh air to various places. In this article, we will introduce the working principle and practical use skills of industrial evaporative cooling system.

The Working Principle of Industrial Evaporative Cooling System Introduction

  • Refrigeration principle: The industrial evaporative cooling system utilizes the highly efficient "direct evaporative cooling" technology. The principle is that water absorbs heat energy during evaporation, i.e., the sensible heat of the air is absorbed at a constant enthalpy, which lowers the temperature of the air (dry bulb temperature).

  • The principle of air exchange: Fresh outdoor air is filtered and cooled down by the industrial evaporative cooling system and continuously sent into the room, and the turbid indoor air with odor, dust, and high temperature is discharged outside, so that the indoor temperature is lowered, the oxygen content of the air is increased, and the air quality is improved.

How to Use Industrial Evaporative Cooling System

  • Check whether the hinge can be swayed left and right normally, then turn on the power and observe whether the indicator light of the air-conditioner is normal.

  • Fill the sink with the right amount of water, some products can automatically feed water, just follow the instructions.

  • Twist the switch for trial operation and see if you can feel a wet wind blowing out. If found, it means that everything is normal. If not, you need to check the problem.

Precautions for the Use of Industrial Evaporative Cooling System

  • Before starting the machine, you should check whether the power supply of the industrial evaporative cooling system is separately led from the distribution box, and whether its voltage and frequency are in accordance with. Do not connect other electrical equipment to the power supply of the air-conditioner.

  • Check whether the power supply interface with the main control box of the industrial evaporative cooling system is loose. All phase wires should be properly connected to the air-conditioner connector.

  • Check whether the water inlet of the water source is normal, there is no blockage. Check whether the water level in the water pan is normal, whether the float valve or solenoid valve is clogged or not, and whether it works insensitively.

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