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Gathering for Advancing Dreams: Longhua Technology Group Organizes Orientation Training for Newly Hired College Graduates

07-29, 2023 /in Company News /by Longhua

In order to better stimulate the enthusiasm of newly enrolled college students and establish a team consciousness of collaboration, mutual trust, and active communication and cooperation. July 5th to 7th, the Group organized the seventh phase of quality development activities for the newly enrolled college students in Luoyang  based on the training plan for the newly enrolled college students in2023.


Through a three-day quality development training, the newly enrolled college students in this phase fully changed their way of thinking, strengthened their overall awareness, enhanced effective communication skills, stimulated breakthrough and challenging spirits, deeply understood the importance of teamwork, and realized the important position of each individual in the team and how to play a greater role, demonstrating the youthful vitality and enthusiasm of Longhua's "fresh blood" and laying a solid foundation for their work after enrollment.








The Group will continue to carry out quality development activities for newly enrolled college students as an important part, enhancing the spiritual literacy of young talents, improving comprehensive qualities, further stimulating the vitality of young talents in Longhua, and contributing youth wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of the Group.