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Longhua Convenes Mid-Year Work Summary and Marketing System Training Meeting for the First Half of 2023

07-28, 2023 /in Company News /by Longhua

To comprehensively improve the professional quality of the marketing personnel in the group, and to deploy the key tasks for the following period in detail.From the 13th to the 15th of July, Longhua Technology Group held the mid-year summary and marketing system training conference for 2023. This conference was guided by the group's policy of "clearly recognizing the situation, innovating and reforming, maintaining confidence, and breaking development barriers". It provided training for all marketing system members, systematically summarized the completion of the current work, scientifically analyzed the current economic situation, and fully deployed the work for the second half of the year. Executives of the group company, leaders of functional departments, general managers of subsidiary companies, key members of the executive team, and nearly 130 marketing personnel participated in this conference.


During the marketing system training conference, the trainer combined theory with practice, and interactive communication with case analysis, to comprehensively impart experiences and methods of customer relationship management and marketing team management. The marketing elites from various subsidiary companies demonstrated a positive and enterprising spirit, and showed the unique vitality of Longhua marketing team. They achieved knowledge accumulation, ideological liberation, capacity improvement, and self-breakthrough.


At the mid-year work summary meeting, Liu Yufeng, the general manager of the group, made a comprehensive and detailed report on behalf of the group company, reviewing the achievements and shortcomings in the first half of the year, and making comprehensive judgements on the opportunities and challenges facing the current situation.


Li Jiangwen, the executive vice general manager of the group, arranged and deployed key tasks for various subsidiary companies.


Li Zhanming, the chairman of the group, fully affirmed the achievements of the subsidiary companies in the first half of the year, and made important instructions based on "Recognize the situation, innovate reforms, strengthen confidence, and break through for development" proposed during the group manager's office meeting.


All participants deeply realized that in the face of a clear situation, they must act according to the situation; in the face of good opportunities, they must seize the opportunity; in response to obvious advantages, they must accumulate strength; and they must have a high spirit and strong momentum. All employees will focus on the 16-character policy, carefully analyze the internal and external situation, systematically summarize their own shortcomings, fully understand the strategic significance of the 16-character policy. They will innovate and reform in various aspects such as marketing, management, mechanisms, products, talents, and compensation, and adopt multiple measures to implement them, achieve operational breakthroughs, strategic breakthroughs, and achieve high-quality development of the group.

2023 is the year of fully implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the year of implementing the "14th Five-Year Plan", and the key year for the high-quality development of the group. With united efforts and a new ambition, all employees of Longhua will take this conference as an opportunity to improve their position, comprehensively review in terms of integrated implementation, progress, implementation, and effectiveness, and firmly remember that recognizing the situation is the goal, innovation and reform are the core, confidence is the aspiration, and breaking development barriers is the focus. They will strive unremittingly towards annual goals and fully promote new breakthroughs in high-quality development of the group.