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Managers from subsidiaries of Longhua Group visited and exchanged ideas with heat exchange equipment company

04-24, 2024 /in Company News /by Longhua

On April 22nd, the managers of the subsidiaries of Longhua Group visited and exchanged ideas with heat exchange equipment company. The managers visited the air cooler production workshops, learned and exchanged the company's management experience and product technology. They had a full understanding of heat exchange equipment, which is the main business of Longhua.


After that, the managers also visited the exhibition hall of Longhua Group to learn the company culture and product layout of the group. Through this visit, the managers of different subsidiaries had a further understanding of the overall situation of Longhua Group, which made them understand more about the positioning and objectives of the companies under their management.


Good communication is an indispensable part of company development. Through the learning and exchange among the companies, the overall development goal of Longhua Group can be clearer and the cooperation among the companies can be more tacit.