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Longhua Group Participated in the Egypt Energy Show (EGYPES 2024)

02-28, 2024 /in Company News /by Longhua

From February 19th to 21st, the Egypt Energy Show (EGYPES 2024) was held in Egypt International Exhibition Center. Longhua Group attended the EGYPES 2024 with high efficiency hybrid cooler, hybrid evaporative cooler, forced draft air cooled heat exchanger, induced draft air cooled heat exchanger, large intelligent hybrid closed circulating water cooling system and other products.



Focusing on the field of large-scale industrial heat exchangers, Longhua Group relies on measures such as technological innovation, product upgrading, management improvement and business transformation to realize the comprehensive upgrading of technology and products, and is a comprehensive supplier that includes technical design, product provision and system services as a whole.



The high-efficiency hybrid evaporative cooler independently researched and developed by Longhua Group has been selected in the national key energy-saving and environmental protection technology promotion catalog for many times. In many industrial fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, refrigeration, etc., it has realized more than 50% water saving in heat exchange equipment, more than 60% energy saving, and more than 20% reduction in the total investment of equipment.