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Advancing Towards a Greener Future: The Application of Industrial Evaporative Air Conditioners

04-01, 2024 /in Blog /by Longhua

The enhancement of people's environmental awareness prompts the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in the future to develop in the direction of green, low-carbon, energy-saving, and so on. The industrial evaporative air conditioner is a highly efficient means of natural cooling, which has been widely used in industrial buildings, power plants, public buildings, rail transportation, and other fields, and achieved good results and feedback.

Industrial Buildings

Energy saving and energy utilization account for a very large proportion in the evaluation index of industrial buildings, and energy consumption has become the most critical index affecting the green evaluation of industrial buildings. Industrial evaporative cooling system utilizes "dry air energy" renewable energy to cool, which is an energy-saving and low-carbon sustainable development method, and is in line with the design idea of fully utilizing renewable energy in ventilation and air-conditioning systems of industrial buildings. At the same time, it combines the ventilation technology with evaporative cooling technology.

Public Buildings

Hospitals have high requirements for the heat, humidity environment, and cleanliness of the building interior. Dry area hospitals usually use air-water temperature and humidity independent control systems in the hall, physiotherapy room, ward, pharmacy, and other areas, while in the operating room using the whole air system. Industrial evaporative air conditioners in dry area hospitals are widely used. Its refrigeration effect is obvious, energy-saving effect is remarkable, which provides strong protection for hospitals.

Power Plant

Power plant buildings, where the generating equipment emits large amounts of sensible heat and the production process generates large amounts of waste heat, fumes, and particulate matter, are usually ventilated to ensure that the process production and workers' occupational health requirements. In areas with severe dust storms, by combining an industrial air cooler with mechanical ventilation, it is well suited to deal with both high sensible heat and wet filtration of dust, and it can also greatly reduce the cross-sectional area of the air duct.

Railway Transportation

As the subway operating capacity continues to increase, the concentration of people is getting bigger and bigger, and the station load continues to increase. It is necessary to continuously increase the installed capacity of air conditioning units to cool down the public areas of the station halls and platforms. Therefore, in the case of ensuring that the public area in the subway station has sufficient cooling capacity, the application of intelligent environmental control means to regulate industrial evaporative air conditioner, can bring obvious economic benefits.

Longhua's industrial evaporative air conditioner is a cost-effective, energy-efficient approach to cooling large industrial spaces, production floors, and public areas. Industrial evaporative air conditioners are becoming increasingly popular in many industries, including data centers, manufacturing plants, agriculture, and warehouses, due to their affordability and environmental benefits. If you are interested, please contact us.