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4 wheel drive articulated garden tractor

FUGESEN-604 Tractor

Model: FUGESEN-604

Rated Traction Force(N): 12800

Construction Mass(kg): 2500

Min. Turning Radius(m): 4.2

Rated Fuel Consumption (g/kW/h): ≤220

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Product Features of FUGESEN-604 Tractor

Product Features
National sales champion, sales first, 1.8%.
Engine chassis Self-production.
Large arc streamlined design fashionable, atmospheric.
Cloud / Jiang dynamic country two four-cylinder direct injection technology Save fuel and money Good air tightness Powerful.
Oil bath air filter Good air intake quality Diesel combustion full intake impurities less.
Increase the water tank Large cooling area Cooling effect is good not easy to open the pot.
10" dual-acting clutch, high friction, heavy load work is not easy to slip.
12+4 gear shift, optional shuttle shift, crawl gear.
Strengthened drive train, oblique tooth power output, large carrying capacity, stable and reliable.
Wet disc brakes, end drive, planetary gears, deceleration mechanism, long service life and high operating efficiency.
Transport operation speed, top speed of 30 kilometers per hour, high transfer efficiency.
Front wheel 7.5-16, rear wheel 11.2-28, front 4 after 2 counterweight, optional 8 kinds of dry field wheel and 1 kind of water field wheel.
Cone gear front axle, the highest ground gap 430mm, super-strong errand performance, to meet the needs of mid-till work.
The front axle has wheel pitches of 0.9m, 0.96m, 1m, 1.1m, 1.2m and 1.3m.
Base with vertical double cylinder pressure lifter, lift force is large, easy to repair.
Optional 1 or 2 sets of hydraulic outputs.
Base with dual speed power output, 540/720, 540/1000, 720/1000 supporting a variety of agricultural tools.
Side handling, more convenient and comfortable to operate.

Specifications of FUGESEN-604 Tractor

Drive Type4WD
Overall Dimensions L×W×H(mm):3850*1750*2650
Wheel Track(mm)Front1300
Wheel Base(mm)2010
Ground Clearance(mm)Under Front Axle310
Rated Traction Force(N)12800
Construction Mass(kg)2500
Min. Turning Radius(m)4.2
Theoretical Speed (km/h)Forward2.83, 3.47, 4.10, 5.55, 6.8, 8.35,9.88, 13.34,17.22, 21.13, 24.99, 33.77
Reverse6.22, 7.63, 9.03, 12.20
Engine SpecificationsType4-cylinder, Upright inline cylinder, radiator cooling, 4-storke cycle, direct-injection
Rated Power(kW/hp)44.1/60
Rated Fuel Consumption (g/kW/h)≤220
Rated Speed(rpm)2300
Bore × Stroke(mm)95×115
Total Displacement(L)3.26
Drive SystemClutchDry Independent type dual Function clutch
Gear Box4×(3+1) Slinding gear shift
Main DriveOne Pair of Spiral Bevel Gears
DifferentialObturation, four bevel gears
Differential LockLocking pin type
Final TransmissionsPlanetary reduction gear
Traveling MechanismTireFront8.3-20
Steering GearHydraulic steering
BrakeOil immersed multi-plate disc
Working DeviceHydraulic SystemLifting Capacity at 610 mm Behind Lift Point(kn)910
3-Point SuspensionCategory: I
P.T.O. ShaftRotating Speed(rpm)540/1000 or 760/1000
Spline Size6-Ø35 Rectangular Spline

Safety Considerations & Instructions

Safety Considerations & Instructions

Tractor operators should follow safety precautions. This includes wearing appropriate protective gear, such as seat belts, helmets, and safety glasses. Operators should receive proper training, operate within the tractor's load and slope limits, and be cautious of potential hazards in the working environment.

 Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance and longevity of a tractor. Maintenance tasks include checking fluid levels, inspecting and replacing filters, lubricating moving parts, maintaining tire pressure, and addressing any issues promptly. Following the manufacturer's maintenance schedule and guidelines is essential.

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